Wind Power

Grassy Munchies all!

Today we had a trail riding session that was rather windy. And, much to Kat’s amusement, windy in more ways than the weather. I feel comfortable sharing this with you now and also admitting it’s nothing new.

Yes, I suffer from wind.

Anyway, today we had a 10-mile training session planned with Sara and Tilly. However, Sara slept through her alarm, so me and Kat did a much shorter session. Hurrah for Sara!

Shorter than planned training session – thanks Sara!

Given that Kat arrives in the dark some mornings, I have to assume she never sleeps through her alarm. I think I’d like to swap humans.

Anyway, back to the wind.

Kat, quite rudely, likens my gassy emissions to a trombone – whatever that is. Not only that, she says my trombone is playing a tune! I mean, what does she expect? She’d be a bit windy if her diet was just fibre.

I personally think a soundtrack to our training sessions is something she should be grateful for. Bonus I say. And, it certainly beats her singing.

Kat also has to take some of the blame for my windiness. She ensures I am able to eat grass or hay all the time which keeps my unique digestive system working as it should – pretty actively.

Being able to continually eat forage also helps me maintain my body temperature in the cold weather, keeping me lovely and warm. Okay, so maybe all of this is a good thing, but I’m sticking with the blame game.

I have noticed that Tilly doesn’t make any windy emissions like mine. To be honest, none at all really. I reckon she is either:

A) very adept in control
B) just not producing the same level of wind
C) a lady

To Tilly’s credit though, she has always been very polite about my wind problem. I appreciate this, especially as she is usually bringing up the rear – my rear. I’m never quite sure if she is:

A) quietly disgusted
B) a little bemused
C) deaf

I did used to feel quite happy and proud of my audible and constant windiness, but I have felt less so on hearing the level of mirth it creates for Kat and Sara.

I think Kat might have picked up on my despondency when she tried to make me feel a bit better about the situation. She said it was my ‘Super-Power’. Apparently, it propels me up the hills with an almighty surge. Sounds good to me – in both ways.

Happy Grassy Munchy New Year one and all !


PS: I have a feeling 2020 is when my Trail Riding will begin in earnest. Wish me luck!

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