New Manedo

Look at me!!

Not only have I got a new swanky manedo, but a great discovery has been made. My legs!

I’d always thought my legs were made of hair so you can image my alarm when Kat told me she was going to clip them off.  Alarm turned to delight though as my actual real (and rather shapely) legs were revealed.

Kat said my new look would make me cooler.   I couldn’t agree more; a proper hip girl about the field.

It’s not a moment too soon either as Jack has been getting a bit too friendly with Dolly for my liking.  It’s all kat’s fault for dragging me and Tills away on the second Custard Cream Trail a few weeks back.  I know exactly the kind of ‘comforting’ Dolly would have offered Jack to take his mind off pining for us. 

My Rival – don’t be fooled by her demure appearance

I’m sure you’ll all agree I have the edge now though.  Surely nothing can stop him falling head over hoof for me now!  

Kat also told me I need some time in the school.  I’m a bit confused about this as I thought only human foals went into the school place.   

Apparently, I need lessons in how to listen better to Kat and stop making my own decisions.  Between you and me, my listening skills are top notch and I’ve actually saved our lives plenty of times by ignoring her poppycock and taking the initiative.   

Only the other day, I got us out of a very sticky situation when we had to ride past a herd of cows and one big as a mountain Bull.  Kat’s request to casually stroll past without a care in the world was simply absurd so I put on my best turn of hoof and saved the day, as usual.  

Needless to say I wasn’t thanked for my quick thinking and fortitude. 

I really think she needs to remember I am Horse and escaping death is my bag.  She can stick to new manedos and helping me get Jack back under my hoof where he well and truly belongs.


F x

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