Demon Dentist

I was subjected to the most shocking treatment recently. 

On the day in question, Kat came and fetched me from my field – usual enough.  Then she dumped me in a stable – unusual and something definitely a hoof.

Of course I was right.  We horses are, after all, gifted with at least 50 senses and not the 6 primitive humans have to make do with.

A human called Dentist then arrived and immediately got my forelock up as she thought I was a ‘he’.  What is it with these humans called Vet and Dentist, don’t they know a bodacious babe when they see one?

I was just launching my objections about this unforgivable error of judgement, when that all too familiar sharp stab came in my neck, followed by that all too familiar feeling of needing to sleep.  Urgently..  

This is when things got a bit blurry.  It felt like a big metal contraption was put over my head, my mouth cranked open as wide as possible and my (very heavy) head flopped onto a smooth, flat small tree. 

Dentist then transformed into some kind of blinding light demon with long metal sticks for arms that were loudly grinding away at my teeth! In the holy name of Pegasus and all that’s green, this couldn’t be real, I must be dreaming!

Apparently not!

Kat told me it was necessary for me to have the Demon Dentist so my teeth and mouth didn’t get too sore – poppycock!  She then said having my teeth all nice and smooth meant I could eat well – mmmmmhhh.  

Then she suggested Jack might appreciate my pearly whites and they would go well with my blond bodaciousness.  Why didn’t she say! Some things are worth enduring.

She then said it was time to shake a fetlock and go back to the field.  Give me a minute I said; I can’t move. Plus, I’d quite like to straighten myself up a bit before Jack sees me…


F x

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