Tales from the top

So, a few goings on have been going down at our top field recently.

That fickle Freckles has moved out and is living back down on the farm.

Fickle Freckles

I am partly relieved (she is very bossy and extremely possessive over Jack), but also slightly concerned. Freckles was moved because she was eating too much; something I too have been accused of in the past.

Complete nonsense of course. Kat still doesn’t seem to understand the clear difference between fat and voluptuous.

To make matters worse I’ve been wrapped in this ridiculous blue sheet because of something called Eunice.

I haven’t seen anything or anyone going by the name of Eunice, but we have had some windy and wet weather shaking things up recently. Even with my windows (Vet human removed a large square window of hair on my sides to look inside me) this kind of weather is literally foals play to me, so I can only image Eunice is something much fiercer altogether.

The purpose of this blue sheet though is still unclear. Perhaps the Eunice creature is especially fond of blond curvy cobs and Kat is trying to disguise me as something altogether less appealing…?

Which brings me to another point, the blue sheet also hides my voluptuousness from Jack. But, then again, he knows. My luscious curves are etched into his thoughts and dreams. He told me.

Curves thank you, not fat!

So, with Freckles down at the farm for now, that leaves the three of us – me, Jack and Aunty Tills. When Tills had poorly hooves and it was just me and Jack, I was under a lot of pressure to be leader and keep us safe. Despite Jack’s ginger charms, expecting him to have my back would have been an easy (and need I say 5 star) dining experience for the local lions.

Now the responsibility for decision making and sentry look out is shared with Aunty Tills again, things are much easier. And safer. Plus, letting Jack think he’s leader now and then keeps him happy and firmly in the frog of my hoof.

Our herd of 3

Interestingly, Kat said that was how it worked in the human world too.


F x